About Us

Hi! Welcome to AL's Ice Cream Shoppe in the North End of Main Street, Middletown, CT, USA. 

Having created and run NoRA Cupcake Company since 2011, we've been churning up the idea of an ice cream shop for years, but knew if we were going to do it, that homemade was the only way to go. We slow churn all of our ice cream in house using an all-natural 16% butterfat base - the richest you can get. We add inclusions like funfetti cake & cream cheese frosting, strawberries & marshmallow fluff, and blondies & peanut butter to give our creativity a test, but also know that there's nothing quite like the classics.

From milkshakes to floats, sundaes to homemade waffle cones - we do it all. We can't wait to have you in! We hope you scream for AL's Ice Cream.